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I worked with Kam and she helped me with the resistance factor with some technologies. I'm not quite sure how it all works but it worked. Within 2 weeks we had the go-ahead for this property. After such a long time of difficulty, it seemed to all just fit into place; after working with Kam. I would recommend that if you had any issues that you could do with some help, come and see Kam, I'm sure she can help you.

Stewart (Property aquisition)

The next day, the pain in my hands had severely been reduced and the hands looked like they were healing - I could hardly believe it. This effect lasted about 3 or 4 days. If it started hurting again, I would keep doing the treatment and it was a huge relief. There was nothing I could find that could take the pain away until now. I was extremely grateful to Kam for that; I'm astounded by the treatment. Thank you.

Fil (Porphyria allergy to sunlight)

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